Future Proof Your KYC

Leverage hundreds of global KYC vendors for premium compliance
and anti-fraud, via one API.

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Compliance Checkmarks

We make you 4MLD, 5MLD and PSD2 ready while keeping you current with authorities such as FCA, Bafin, Fincen, and Fintrac.

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One API & IT independent

Activate a new KYC data source, enter a new market or aggregate data, enjoy little to no development time with our Data Scientists available 24/7 to help.

The one-stop solution.

Our platform brings together, leading edge KYC through the largest network of global data sources, compliance and risk technology, all in a single integration. Empowering businesses to make well-informed decisions to confidently manage regulatory risk and accelerate their business performance.

The 4Stop platform has been developed with a full understanding of compliance needs — locally and globally, today and in the future.

4Stop Dashboard Monitoring KYC compliance reporting

Future Proof

The online payment regulatory requirement eco-system is always evolving. Stay compliant while combating tomorrows fraudster, by adding any new KYC service in real-time or within a 10-Day SLA integration.

Single View of Risk

Our single API integration provides one consolidated view of risk, layered with leading-edge anti-fraud tools to streamline your operations, improve your reaction times and maximise revenues.

IT Independent

Whether you integrate a new KYC provider, enter a new market, need to create full market profiles or aggregate data, enjoy little to no development time with our Data Scientists in hand available 24/7 to help.

KYC verification KYC verification

Premium global KYC
Data Sources

Leveraging the worlds leading verification technology, third party identity, and fraud data vendors we created the largest selection of KYC services in the industry to choose from for global KYC coverage.

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Global Compliance

With best in class compliance processes we make you 4MLD, PSD2 ready and keep you current with authorities such as FCA, Bafin, Fincen, and Fintrac all while making reporting to required regulatory authorities quick and easy.

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Global Compliance Global Compliance
Dashboard Monitoring

for single view of risk.

From real-time screen feeds, integrated analytics to a powerful rules engine built with hundreds of multi-layered parameters, free-form rules creation and automated system responses, coupled with multi-layered anti-fraud functionality you'll have everything you need to monitor your transaction volume and combat fraud.

  • Live monitoring screen feeds
  • Robust customer profiling
  • 800+ pre-determined rules
  • Free form rules scripting
  • Enrich data management
  • Custom blocking & blacklisting
  • Customisable KPI dashboards to sub-merchant levels
  • Real-time notifications with customisable alerts

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Customer Details iPad

Flexible Platform

Our platform integrates into any new or legacy platform, provides the largest selection of KYC data sources to choose from and is pre-programmed with thousands of anti-fraud parameters.

Customise Your
4S Solution

Use our complete end-to-end solutions or work with our Data Scientists to design and integrate a solution that is specific to your business' needs and risk management platform.

Obtain 100% of
Possible Conversions

Verify as many customers possible at level 1 KYC vendors before increasing to level 2, 3 and so on. Allowing your business to simply achieve 100% conversions in a cost-effective and frictionless manner.

Merchants. Sub-Merchants. High Volumes.
Enjoy full control.

Go Global
Enter new markets around the globe with absolute confidence. Effortlessly create customer and whole market profiles to review and activate any data sources required in real-time or a 10-day SLA integration.

World-class support offered 24/7 from our team and Data Scientists. Whether you just need to ask a question about a feature or need to grow or adjust your solution, we are here in hand to help.

4S Platform

Simple API integration
Designed for today's developer with a simple REST API and strong API definition and code examples in all major programming languages you'll be up and running in hours and not days.

The application runs on a PCI compliant Data Center and complies with the US and EU Safe Harbor Framework regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information. All the communication to the server is done over HTTPS TLS 1.2 filtered with a Web Application Firewall (TrueShield).

4S Platform

The one-stop solution.

How it Works

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